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The Story So Far…

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth’s mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat…

In the wake of SAURON’s breakout from the Raft, we stood at the brink of peril — as eighty-eight of the worst super-villains to ever terrorize humanity chose that moment to make their escape back into the world that feared them.

What they did not expect was the sudden banding together of heroes in the very instant of disaster — that their chosen moment would be the worst choice they had ever made! That they would be driven back into the dark whence they crawled, not to plague good people again!

Now, those heroes face a shadow world of dangers and treachery — a world that only they stand a chance to confront — as they hold Karl Lykos prisoner, awaiting his trial. In the meantime, corruption stirs, hidden in the heart of SHIELD.

They Are…

The Invincible IRON MAN

THOR the Mighty

The Amazing SPIDER-MAN




Back-Issue Bin

  1. Breakout, Part 1: When It Rains… A mysterious electrical surge blacks out all of New York City, and the prisoners of the Raft seize this opportunity to escape!
  2. Breakout, Part 2: Blackout! With Electro and Count Nefaria grounded, our heroes turn their focus to the prison’s generators — and discover danger in the darkness!
  3. Breakout, Part 3: Savage Landings Pursuing a lead at the request of SHIELD, the heroes venture into the Savage Land after none other than SAURON! Plus: THE WOLVERINE! AND The Return of THOR!
  4. Breakout, Part 4: Broken Shield The climactic conclusion! Black Widow vs Thor! Iron Man and Spider-Man face-to-face with SAURON! AND: Captain America and Captain Marvel!
  5. Empire v Stark, Part 1: Judgment It will take more than a hint of corruption in SHIELD to convince them the world needs its heroes now more than ever — and there’s no time for Cap to sway them when RONAN THE ACCUSER comes for Iron Man!

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